History of the Wet Mountain Valley Rotary

The Wet Mountain Valley (Westcliffe) Rotary Club was chartered on February 23, 1968. The population of Westcliffe was 300 and the County 5000, according to the original documents. The first president was August N. Menzel, who served with Vice-President Myron J. Chesley and Secretary W. Roderick Canda. There were 24 original members, and they met Tuesday evenings at the Community Building.

Original Application to Rotary International

Original Application

Admission to Rotary International

Admission to Rotary International




Charter Presentation
Presentation of the original charter.

Original Charter
The original charter today.

Rotary Foundation BrochureThe Wet Mountain Valley Rotary Club Foundation was set up to provide a fund for scholarships. It was first created in the summer of 1998.

You can read more on the history of the Rotary Foundation by clicking here. The brochure can be found here.

Information on the Scholarship Program was provided to the community, and you can read it here.

History of Past Presidents

1968-70 August Menzel
1970-71 Myron Chesley

1970s? Stanley Coleman

1978-79 Miles "Happy" Coleman

1987-88 Paul Burress
1988-89 Tom Flower
1989-89 Roger Dalin
1989-90 Richard Dottenwhy
1990-91 Lee Graham
1991-94 Fred Berry
1994-95 Bill Adler
1996-97 Mike Rodman
1997-97 John Valicek
1997-98 Bill Adler
1998-99 Tony Papantonis
1999-00 Bill McAlee
2000-01 Harry Nelson
2001-02 Harry Ditty
2002-03 John Copley
2003-04 Debbie Livengood
2004-05 Corb Griffin
2005-06 Gene Neiges
2006-07 Jim Jones
2007-08 Gene Neiges
2008-09 Bill McAlee
2009-10 Bob Giacomelli
2010-11 Corb Griffin
2011-12 Terry Nimnich
2012-13 Wendy Rusk
2013-14 Dale Mullen
2014-15 Patrick Lynch
2015-16 Monty Lee
2016-17 Monty Lee
2017-18 Leonard Ketchum
2018-19 Julie Olomon

Past District 5470 Governors from Westcliffe

1974-75 Chester J. Haga