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29th ANNUAL Scholarship Golf Tournament

This will be the 30th year that the Wet Mountain Valley Rotary Foundation has sponsored a golf tournament and dinner to raise scholarship money for Custer County High School seniors in Westcliffe, Colorado.  Over the period, thanks to sponsors, we have presented in excess of $465,000 in scholarships to graduating students in our county.  Scholarships often determine whether a graduating senior continues their education or not.

This year’s Rotary Tournament and Dinner is currently being scheduled for 2018!

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Annual Pancake Breakfast

The Annual Pancake Breakfast will be July 16, 2018, 7 am - 10 am, Custer County School parking lot (location tentative due to possible construction). This is a major fundraiser for the student scholarships, so please come and support the kids and enjoy pancakes and sausage! 100% of the profits go to local student scholarships.

A Painted View Ranch Dinner

Rotary provides a special dinner for the Painted View Ranch horse show and for anyone interested in a great meal. Stay tuned for more details.

Medical Lending

Medical Lending HistoryThe initial idea for the development of Rotary Lending Medical Aids, lnc., came as a need by then former Rotary members, Robyn (Wallerich) Turner and Gene Neiges, collaborating after Turner had an auto accident and was recuperating at home. The lack of durable medical goods within the community was quite evident. Gene Neiges' memory of past years, when his teenage daughter was recuperating from an auto accident, was of an organization called The Three Village Garden in New York provided much of the needed medical equipment (wheel chairs, beds, etc.) for the community. After a brief discussion, the idea to have the Wet Mountain Rotary Club sponsor an organization to provide the community with needed medical equipment was set into motion.

For more on the history, click on the image.

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To borrow needed equipment, please contact one of the following members:
Julie Olomon, 269-8608
Leonard Ketchum, 405-919-2747

Rotary Van Service

Rotary Van HistoryThis is a transportation provided to Valley residents to assist them with trips to visit doctors or run special errands. Most of the people in the transportation business did not believe we could run our project with just volunteers. but that is exactly what has happened. We have drivers from the Rotary club and drivers from the community volunteer their time. Many drive more than once a week taking people to Pueblo, Canon City, Colorado Springs, Salida, as well as Westcliffe.

For more history on the service, click on the image to the right.

Rotary Van Service from 2004 (click o the picture for a larger image).

For transportation needs, contact Van Dispatch at 783-2343

Other Projects

This year we are partnering with A Painted View Ranch to host a BBQ Chicken Dinner on July 22, 2016 at the National Cutting Event. Please come join us for a special dinner and a Rotary fundraiser.

Other local projects include giving dictionaries for all 3rd Grade students, Christmas gift bags to local seniors and shut-ins, support for the Summer Youth Jazz Camp, parking assistance for summer programs, ticket collection for school activities, tent and table rental, and other small projects for the community.

We also send Santa Claus with special gifts for local school children.

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Extra Projects

We are involved in many other projects.

  • Joel's Wish (visited Westcliffe May 10, 2015)
  • Ride the Rockies (ended in Westcliffe on June 20, 2015)

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